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Lords of The Fallen Cheats, Cheat Codes and Trainers for PC game - FLiNG

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Numpad 1: Unlimited Health - you cannot be killed by most damage.
Numpad 2: Unlimited Energy - your energy is 100% at all times.
Numpad 3: Unlimited Magic - turn on and your Magic regenerates back.
Numpad 4: Unlimited Stamina - while on your character's stamina will regenerate
instantly so you can attack quickly.
Numpad 5: Easy Kills - this is most useful for boss fights or fights against
enemies where the large health bar shows up on the bottom of the
Numpad 6: Invincible - makes you invincible to damage, including attacks.
Numpad 7: Add 1000 EXP - Each press adds more EXP. This option will give you enough xp so that you can level up real quick every time that you earn XP the normal way.
Numpad 8: Add Strength - Strength Cheat - Affects not only the damage dealt with Strength based weapons but also slightly increases your ability to carry heavier gear.
Numpad 9: Add Agility - Agility Cheat - Boosts the damage dealt with fast weapons, but also gives you a slight increase in Energy.
Numpad /: Faith - Faith Cheat - Increases the amount of Magic you can use with spells and the Gauntlet. It also boosts the damage of magical weapons.
Numpad *: Add Vitality - Vitality Cheat - Determines the amount of your Health. It also has a slight effect on health potion effectiveness.
Numpad -: Add Endurance - Endurance Cheat - Affects the amount of Energy you have and significantly increases the ability to carry heavy gear.
Numpad +: Luck - Luck Cheat - You will need more Luck to get better rewards for killing opponents, but it also helps you get better crafting materials.

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-Lords uses a similar technique but the EXP by your corpse slowly depletes, so you need to hurry up. Lords eases the pain, though, by allowing you to bank EXP at strategically placed floating shards around the map. Too easy? "When you don't bank your EXP, when you don't die, the amount of EXP that you get from the next opponent grows slightly," Gop explains. "There is a multiplier on top of that that you get. It's a risk-reward.
-As you would expect, Lords of the Fallen comes equipped with a palpable sense of customization, with gamers able to select from three distinct classes: warrior, rogue, and cleric. To complement your chosen class, you can plump for three magic skills, namely brawling, deception, and solace.